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TM CLEAROXID LIQUID is a liquid disinfection agent for drinking water - based on chlorine dioxide

  • 2 in 1: cleaning and disinfection
  • highly effective disinfection for drinking water lines and water dispensers
  • fights germs, fungi, algae, bacteria and biofilm
  • shelf life of 5 years in original packaging; even in activated state TM CLEAROXID LIQUID has a shelf life of 1 month

Packaging & dosing:

  • 250ml bottle: for 35 liters disinfection solutions (9 bottles per case)
  • 1L bottle: for 125 liters disinfection solutions (1 bottle per case)
  • 1L bottle: for 125 liters disinfection solutions (12 bottles per case)


  • TM CLEAROXID LIQUID is shipped in two parts and consists of a liquid component (sodium chlorite solution) and a solid component (sodium persulphate).
  • Upon blending the two components and after a reaction time of 48 hours at 20°C, a yellow chlorine dioxide solution with a content of 3g chlorine dioxide/liter is ready to use.
  • The activated solution is stable for approximately 1 month.
  • Rinse chlorine dioxide solution well after usage and check proper rinsing by means of chlorine test strips.


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For more than 40 years we have been striving for best hygiene in the food-industry and have been developing high-performance cleaning detergents and tailored packages for the entire processing hygiene.

This is only possible with a strong, experienced team, where each one will attend to your specific hygiene needs with personal and competent consultation. Our sales team is here to assist you any time.

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