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Barrique Reconditioning



TM RECOND clears the wood of the wine lees and lays the pores open, while considering maximum protection of the value-determinant-substance.


Used wooden barrels for wine are usually cleaned with high pressure hot water. Yet, even professional equipment can only remove approximately 50% of the wine lees which hinders the wanted extraction of the valuable substances from the wood.

The regular application of TM RECOND however (once a year) eliminates the danger of microbiological infections (Bretanomyces/Dekkera). 

  • high pressure surface treatment with TM RECOND AC: completely removes wine lees by intensively releasing CO2
  • high pressure flushing with TM RECOND PH: the wood surface is neutralized
  • to regain a pH-neutral value the barrel is then thoroughly rinsed with water


Using the conventional high pressure barrel cleaning, a thin layer of wine lees remains on the barrel surface, blocking the wooden pores.


Reconditioned Barriques have open wooden pores which allow the wine to extract valuable tannins from the barrel.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-16 um 12.28.46.png Download datasheet TM RECOND                                  Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-16 um 12.28.46.png Download handbook TM RECOND K3


For more than 40 years we have been striving for best hygiene in the food-industry and have been developing high-performance cleaning detergents and tailored packages for the entire processing hygiene.

This is only possible with a strong, experienced team, where each one will attend to your specific hygiene needs with personal and competent consultation. Our sales team is here to assist you any time.